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Guest Lecturer / Speaker

- Design as Inquiry, Panel Discussion
Design History and Theory. Communication Design program at the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. March 8 Lecture Hall.

- Vol. Ctrl. Design Speaker Series
Monash University, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture
August 13 Lecture Theatre

- Monash University Open Day
Installation at Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and lecture.

- Design Institute of Australia (DIA)
Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series 2011, Queensland
Seminar 3: Brisbane Emporium Hotel, September 15 | Gold Coast Q1 Resort & Spa Hotel, September 16

- UDK (Universität der Künste)
‘Migrating Patterns’, 28th October 2009, Berlin, Germany.
A discussion about migrating patterns & how these movements have influences our process, creativity & progression as a multidisciplinary design practice.

- Cal State Fullerton Main Art Gallery
31st August 2009, Fullerton, CA, USA.
Guest lecture introducing our working methods, ideology & brief history to students at CSF University by presenting & reviewing a range of previously completed projects.

- Talk About the Weather
5th August 2008, Berlin, Germany.
Guest lecture focusing on our personal project “2morow’s kingdom cargo” which explored questions regarding divisions, equality, status and hierarchy.

- First Five Out
13th October 2006, RMIT, Casey Plaza, Melbourne, Australia.
First Five Out is an evening where designers from a range of studios aim to illuminate students and recent graduates about how they made the progression into the design world, with anecdotes and survival strategies from their first five years out of college.

- Form & Object
Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Guest speaker for design lab’s ‘form & object’ lecture series.


- Fashion Design Workshop - RMIT
A workshop introducing the principals of composition and curation of work for digital and print portfolios to Fashion design students.

- The Jigsaw Project.
A collaborative program at Victoria University. The pandas are one of the design industry mentors selected to inspire and art direct students through their processes and ideas.

- Grand Central Art Center
1st September 2009, Santa Ana, CA, USA.
This workshop revolved around the concept of how waste can often be the starting point for creativity & how the 'negative' or neglected aspect of a visual creation can be re-interpreted to make something new, while allowing aspects of chance, randomness & fun to take place.