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The Lies of Light
Monash Art Design & Architecture - Faculty Gallery.

Ash Keating (AU), Ry David Bradley (AU),
Stefano Andrea Pedrini (ITY), Rachel De Joode (NL/GER)
Curated by Pandarosa
28 August - 25 September

One cannot underestimate the variant influential capacity of colour as a constant over our life’s, from everyday simplistic pedestrian actions such as knowing when to cease & proceed at traffic lights, to much more complexity behaviours related to emotional associations & portrayals of belief.

These divergent effects are influenced by individual experience, doctrine structures, societal multiplicity, & numerous varied aspects, yet the common thread within all the hues presented before us is the actuality of them being reflected & absorbed ‘illusions’. Colour is an untruth.

By questioning the context of colour, conceivable replies can be made concerning who we are as individuals & a society, as well as how our minds have evolved not to see the world as it is, but rather as it was useful to see, in order to make sense of it.

Only by celebrating such uncertainty is the potential for understanding possible.

Photography copyright by John Brash.